Miso Factory

In Nakatsu, we are under contract to purchase a former Miso Factory.  (Miso is a soybean product that goes through a process similar to soy sauce but is a thicker paste and is used mostly for soup flavoring.)  We chose it for its location, history, size, and existing structures.

The location is really convenient.  It is about 10 minutes’ walk from the train station, 5 minutes from the Nakatsu castle and 7 minutes to Tera – machi (temple district).  The area is considered the old part of town and is called Moro – machi, which means various shops. The area was designated during the Edo period.  Since Nakatsu is a castle town and the capital of the surrounding area, there are many small neighborhoods with specific designations for different kinds of building uses,  like fish markets, rice area, temple district, samurai residences, etc. Moro – machi has an existing soy sauce factory that has been there for 300 years and their building is over 100 years old.

We will be remodeling our building for our residence, office and a guestroom.  The building is 100 years old and currently doesn’t have a bath (just a toilet) or a kitchen.  So it needs a lot of work. The exterior was partially redone. The west elevation is about 15 years old and only needs some fresh paint.  Half of the north elevation was redone around the same time. Also, the roof is a traditional clay tile roof of the same vintage and in good shape.  However, the other elevations are in bad shape. They are covered in corrugated metal and need total replacement. The interior is in various stages of disrepair, and we will be touching most of the surfaces.  We will be removing all of the structures with the rusted metal roof to open up the site. Please take a look at the photos for the current condition. In future posts, we will be sharing our plans and progress photos of the work.

See the following link for the location on google maps.

North Elevation
South Elevation
Interior of the future workshop
Courtyard looking into the living room
Courtyard 2