Shoyu Factory

Less than a block away from the miso factory (that will be our base of operations for Cool Japan Oita), is a shoyu factory Muroya, a company that was founded 300 years ago and the building being their base of operations for 100 years. The workers at Muroya are constantly at work in creating their prized shoyu; stirring the batches everyday. Because there are so many varieties of shoyu, the fermentation time is different for each type. All these different shoyu also have different purposes and ways to use them. For example, they have clear shoyu, which was a type of shoyu that was created just last year. It may be translucent but it packs a punch! It’s mostly used in seafood and poultry dishes. This factory also makes shoyu that’s meant for specific foods such as sashimi (sliced fish) and sushi and tamago kake gohan (raw egg on top of rice, don’t worry, it’s completely safe to eat in Japan!).

The storefront of Muroya
The large vats used to make the shoyu sold at Muroya.
The assortment of soy sauce for sale

This shoyu factory also recently came out with a shoyu flavored pudding! With spring slowly turning over to summer and the construction of our company in progress, this shoyu pudding really hit the spot after a long day of working there. I managed to taste it myself! It smells very sweet and custardy, just like a standard pudding. It even tastes like it smells; it’s so sweet and softer than normal pudding, and the caramel is a bit bitter and goes well with the sweet custard. It’s almost hard to believe that it’s made out of shoyu! For those who have a sweet tooth and you’re looking for something refreshing to eat, this shoyu pudding hits the spot! The cost of this shoyu pudding is about 400 yen per jar, and it’s worth every yen. It’s a must have for when you first come by to Cool Japan Oita!

-Sonia M

Muroya’s new creation; Shoyu Pudding!